Whetstone Media is a multi-platform, multimedia company producing both original and commissioned content dedicated to telling the story of food.

Our Mission: Championing food to expand human empathy.

Our Values: We believe that diversity isn’t just noteworthy, it’s what makes our work so essential. We’re proud to say this venture is led by women and people of color. When the gatekeepers are diverse, so too are the stories, its tellers and their experiences. This diversity accelerates our collective knowledge and empathy.


Stephen Satterfield

Photo: Peter Prato

Photo: Peter Prato

Self proclaimed “Origin Forager” Stephen Satterfield is a food writer, multimedia producer and founder of Whetstone Magazine. Before his career in media, he was social entrepreneur, advocating for wine as a catalyst for economic development for black and indigenous wine workers in South Africa’s Western Cape.

Stephen is a sommelier in recovery, having spent more than a decade working in fine restaurants throughout the United States. In addition to founding and editing Whetstone, he’s written for Esquire, Wall Street Journal, SF Chronicle, NY Magazine and several other notable magazines and newspapers.

Melissa Shi


Melissa is the co-founder of Whetstone Media and leads the firms’ strategy and operations. Her experiences in the kitchen, as a Chef de Partie at Quince Restaurant in San Francisco, and most recently as a business consultant for new food & beverage ventures, provide a unique purview into the culinary world.

Melissa began her career in finance, working for one of the largest private investment managers before going on to join the Capital Markets team at Funding Circle, where she developed and led initiatives to build one of the largest small business lending marketplaces in the US.

Melissa is passionate about cooking and celebrating where food comes from.

David Alexander


Whether as strategist, director, editor, filmmaker, David is a passionate and original storyteller, condensing complex information and ideas into entertaining and informative visual narratives.

As filmmaker for NGO’s, David has traveled to more than 30 countries, and his work featured at the Clinton Global Initiative, in The Economist, The Wall St. Journal, TIME Magazine, ABC News, Mashable, The Atlantic, and The Huffington Post.

He’s a Columbia University Graduate School alumni, with a Masters degree in Journalism with a Digital Media focus.



Whetstone Media was first conceived by Stephen Satterfield as a print magazine on food origins, culture and anthropology. Whetstone Magazine Volume 001 was released in May 2017 and widely celebrated for its original subject matter, immersive design and diverse contributors. After the success of Whetstone Volume 001, Volume 002 was subsequently released in December 2017, followed by Whetstone Volume 003 in June 2018. We plan to release Volume 004 in March 2019.

In November 2018, Whetstone Magazine announced the formation of Whetstone Media, a multi-platform, multimedia company producing both original and commissioned content dedicated to telling the story of food.